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Silver Edition
User Interface
• Scene List: Number of lines is adjustable
• Stamp size selectable in Storyboard and Scene List
• Highlighting and easier access of often used effects
• Screen colours adjustable
• Special characters selectable via the on screen keyboard
• Alternative language selectable for the keyboard
• Help text display can be switched off
• Larger mouse pointer optional when using higher screen resolutions
• “Rendering completed” jingle and time frame selectable
• Auto power down after longer inactivity phase
• Audio level meter and level controls while recording video
•Auto split of recorded video into individual scenes
• Record options: Time, photo, trick
• Preview when importing AVCHD material
• Adjustable auto trimming when importing AVCHD scenes
• Brightness, contrast, saturation adjustable when recording analogue material
• Renaming of scenes during the recoding
• 30 instead of 10 projects (Basic Edition)
• Clipboard for exchanging scenes between projects (including format conversion)
• Enhanced Splitting and Trimming with two or four images
• Individually selectable stamps for each scene
• Scenes that are used in the storyboard can be hidden in the scene list
• Extended options for titling (graphics integration, text import, various character- and line options)
• Images can be colourized while selecting graphics or patterns
• Archive for favourite image and pattern variants
• Search function for scenes
• Additional options for scene creation (selectable name)
• Storyboard rendering from the Edit menu
• Extended Info display for scenes
• Product selection in all effects lists
• Copy function for projects
• Adjustable range for Finish

• Six audio tracks vs. three (Basic Edition)
• Recording of live commentary during video playback
• Pre-listening of audio effects
• Sorting function for audio scene list
• Options for audio sample creation (freely adjustable range, original audio switchable, renaming)
• Timeline display in individual window
• Test function for identification of over modulations
• Switching from stereo to mono for special sources in the audio record menu
• Direct access to the MediaManager
• MediaManager archive functions
• Full manual control over settings and menu design options with Arabesk
• Export and import of license codes
Pro Pack Silver addition;
Optional for the SL1000, included with the S-3000/Topaz
Pro Pack Gold Edition HERE
Silver/Gold Comparison Table HERE