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To ensure trouble free editing follow this guide;

• Always switch on the video player/camcorder a few seconds before starting to record onto Casablanca. This stabilizes the sync between player and Casablanca preventing glitches later on.

• After loading your film into Casablanca, split, trim and add clips in the required order to the story board.

• Add transitions and special effects. Transitions slightly shorten the story board by overlapping clips. If titles are added first the space may alter requiring titles to be re-made.

• Create titles. By using the range controls, titles may be started part way through a clip or span several clips.

• Add sound. The narration track and original video track are locked to the picture. The third track is not. Again, use the range control to determine where your sound starts and stops.

• Remember, when laying down the music tracks do not make any changes to the video, otherwise the video clips will move away from the sound or may be removed entirely.

IMPORTANT!  As with all equipment using Firewire connection you must not attempt to connect the Firewire lead while both pieces of equipment are turned on. This could damage either or both pieces of equipment.

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We have available a *free DVD which demonstrates many of the software packages available.

These include; Retro 50, Deluxe Titler 3D, Columbus, Xpress maps, Object Tracer, Border X, TitleBax, ArtBax, Split-X, PhotoStudio, Quadcam, Title FX Pack, Filter Pack, Motion 3D 1&2, BlueBox World, Liquid Images, particle Magic, magic Lights, Akaba, Picture in Picture Studio, SteadyHand, Motion Perfect, Elastic Dreams, Effects Packs 5,7&8, Symbol Pack 1&2, CB Paint.

* Free postage UK only

There are also DVD tutorial Video Manuals 1 to 8 which demonstrate how to use several popular software packages.

Moving Border X

Akaba Video Manual (part 1)

Akaba Video Manual (part 2)

PiP Studio (part 1)

PiP Studio (part 2)

BlueBox World (part 1)

BlueBox World (part 2)

Deshaker Video Manual

AnimX Video Manual

Tech Tip - Exporting for the web

Edit to the beat

Title Studio

Candy Factory Part 1

Candy Factory Part 2

Candy Factory Part 3

Disk Transfer & Powerkey Part 1

Disk Transfer & powerkeyPart 2

PiP Studio

Motion 3D