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Bogart for Windows

Bogart for Windows

The Casablanca storyboard method of video editing has always been the easiest to learn and quickest to use. Macromotion have now developed this concept for windows pc. At last there is an alternative to complex timeline editing.

Existing Casablanca users will feel immediately at home with this program as it is almost identical to the software found on Casablanca Editors. New users will find it so simple they will be producing movies in no time.

Bogart for Windows will work on operating systems Vista, Windows 7 and 8 and as with the stand alone editors is available in three versions. Bronze, Silver and Gold Editions.

Bogart for Windows Bronze Edition can be downloaded as a free 30 day trial with some limitations. By simply purchasing a licence the program will become fully active as Bronze, Silver or Gold. The Gold Edition is equivalent to the software provided with Kron, Prestige, Solitaire, Renommee, S4000, S4100, S6000 and Karat. Silver is as provided with S2000, S3000 and Topaz. Bronze is as provided with Avio, Claro, and SL1000.

Download your Free trial or update to the latest version v6.1 here

Please note the download is a ZIP file.

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Silover Edition Gold Edition Arabesk 6 Bronze Edition £99


Bronze to Silver

Bronze to Gold

Silver to Gold




Licensing Bogart for Windows

Should you wish to license Bogart for Windows please first make a note of the serial number. Click “Settings” from the main menu and the number will be found bottom left of the screen. Call us (0845 456 0734) with this number and we will send you the licence number. Payment by credit/debit card or Paypal request.

If you decide to license Bogart for windows after the expiration of the 30 day trial you will find a message on the screen asking you to input the licence number. If you click “OK” (several times) you will be taken to the “Install Product” window. Here you will see the serial number (Device number). We need this to provide you with the licence number.

Once you have the licence number, repeat the above stages and select Bronze, Silver or Gold and then click on “Activate” You will then have the opportunity to input the 12 digit number.

Licensing procedure:

From the main menu:  Settings > System > Install Product > Scroll to the product to be licensed > Hilight > Activate

Windows for Bogart is also available on disk if your pc is not connected to the Internet. Windows Vista, 7 and 8 only. Call us on 0845 456 0734

Support and technical advice  Tel: 07783 303899

Does this look familiar? Edit page screen shot, Bogart for Windows.

Bronze, Silver & Gold comparison

HERE Download

Please note the download is a ZIP file