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Bogart for Windows

MX-Creator for Bogart Windows

With the photographic effect multiple exposure you can merge different individual images to form an overall picture.

This technique is often used in feature films. With the new add-on software "MX Creator" this kind of effects can now also be produced in Bogart.

These two scenes, or a scene and a pattern can be superimposed and the opacity of the second overlapping scene can be freely adjusted.

To use the effect even more creative, ten different modes for effective mixing of the two levels.

Also rotation can be selected for the superimposed scene with start and end can be settings, which also related elements can be animated and adjustable fade times the mixture complete the effect calculation.

The range of MX Creator different colourations is vast with overlays, moving textures, darken/lighten certain areas by masks or gradients therefore creating effects for special scenes with i.e. black background, pseudo-HDR video generation, cloud / smoke overlay etc. The more you experiment, the more interesting and more diverse applications one finds.