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Restoring Bogart License Numbers

Unlike Casablanca series II editors, Bogart machines require the software license numbers to be re-input should it be necessary to carry out a FULL installation of the operating system. Obviously for those with a considerable number of packages this is inconvenient. To assist with this procedure Macrosystem have developed a system to load a file containing all the license numbers via a USB memory stick.

Should users wish to carry out a FULL installation or replace a hard drive they must request a txt file of all their system software from Dalco uk. This file will be emailed and should then be copied to a USB memory stick. The stick should be connected before boot up and will then load the file into the Bogart machine. When the software is installed it will automatically allocate the correct number to each software package.

The file will remain stored in the machine unless a further full installation is carried out. Obviously, if further packages are purchased this file will need replacing with an updated one.

Please send me my software code file

We can only supply code lists for machines sold and software licensed in the UK.

Bogart V2.1 required