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Bogart for Windows

Pro Pack Gold Edition for Bogart

The Gold Edition contains all of the Silver Edition features.

User Interface

• Optional 2-monitor-editing (one monitor for the GUI, one for the video)

• VGA-computer-monitor support

• Optional HDMI 1080p display mode (recent models only)

• Support for third and fourth trackball buttons for faster editing

• Multi select function, e.g. in the clipboard

• Timecode display “Pro Format” option (hh:mm:ss:ff)

• Optional display of the original camcorder timecode

• Switchable controllability via IR-keyboard or RC


• Recorder control while recording and in Finish (via FireWire)

• Scene detection alternatively using timecode or camera cut marks

• AVCHD-Import optionally as one uninterrupted scene

• Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Gamma and Audio Level adjustable during the import of AVCHD footage


• Timeline-Mode with several options for video and audio

• Audio envelope function

• Rendering of effects in the background (“Smart Rendering”)

• Additional options while creating scenes (direct replacement in storyboard and/or timeline)

• Extended clipboard (direct access to other projects, multi select, enhanced 4:3 – 16:9 conversion, transfer of trimmed scene parts)

• Projects optionally in progressive formats (including 1280x720p)

• 21:9 project modes (including display in 21:9)

• Addition of own images into the pattern selection (from scenes or imported images, including alpha channel transparency)

• adjustable crop area, border and border coverage for rendering

• Marking of multiple scenes for Move, Swap, Copy

• Grouping function for video and audio

• Extended functionalities in single image preview and moving (looping) preview

• Accelerating and decelerating motion paths for effect

• Editable favourites lists for effects

• Individual and archivable default lengths for effects

• Auto Insert and Remove of effects


• Trim and Split with Audio Scrubbing and Envelopes

• Extended Audio Envelope functions

• Multiple effects can be applied to any audio sample or track

• Switchable audio fade for transition effects

• Additional option for Create Sample (direct replacement in storyboard and/or timeline

• Created samples can be put into the audio scene list or into any audio track directly

• Direct Copying of split audio samples in storyboard and timeline

• Configurable audio tracks (on/off, free/locked)

• Adjustable audio/video synch offset

• Adjustable Playback Volume


• Archive function for the storyboard

• Import of additional fonts for titles and DVD menus

• Option of uncompressed audio in Arabesk.

• Inclusion of logos/graphics, timecode, date and time during Finish

• Additional options for Arabesk (higher image quality, moving menus, 21:9 aspect ratio, angles, more play/text/shadow-options)

• Archival function for various settings

• Harddrives can be renamed

Pro Pack Gold Edition is included with S-6000 and optional for S-3000 and SL1000

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