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In the mid 1990’s the first computer video editing programs began to appear. However, they needed a steep learning curve and very deep pockets.

Macrosystem, who were developers for the Amiga computer systems, produced a simple to use editor based on the Amiga concept. The one box design using a domestic TV as a monitor was indeed simple to use opting for an easy to understand “storyboard” method of editing.

The “Classic” as it is referred to now, was, compared to today, quite expensive but very successful despite the experts and pundits of the day considering it to be something of a toy.  It was now possible for even a relative “layman” to produce a real film from his camcorder footage.

Unfortunatley the Amiga system was discontinued and along with it the hardware needed to power the editor. Macrosystem immediately set about developing the Series II Casablanca, this time based on PC technology. In the year 2000, Casablanca Avio was born and at a cheaper price.

Since then there are has been continuous software development and some six more models in the Series II range, each expanding the the editing possibilities and features as technology developed.

With the advent of “solid State” memory technology, Macrosystem once again had to develop both hardware and software to meet new challenges. Whereas Analogue and DV material was much the same from any camcorder, the new highly compressed file formats were were not. There are many variations and codecs used between manufacturers. This certainly concentrated the developers minds in trying to produce a system compatible with all.

The current Series III  S machines  are the culmination of 15 years of development and can hold their heads high against the competition. Used by professionals and home users alike, we are pleased that the original Casablanca concept remains unchanged, and anyone having used the original Classic will recognise the familiar but very efficient editing procedure even when editing High Definition video.

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