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Bogart for Windows

Add on software file download procedure (Bogart only)

Add on software is provided on disk for purchase and demo purposes. In it’s wisdom Macrosysem decided to produce several small files containing a selection of software products. However, while this was fine for quick downloads it was not convenient for keeping and accessing all the files in one place. We are pleased to announce that a revamp of the download page on the Macrosystem site has now provided just four files. (Some products are too large to fit all on one disk).

Below is the procedure and requirements to download and burn the file to disk.

The files are stored in ZIP format. There are two reasons for this;

  1. Zip files compress to a smaller size and allow easier transmission.
  2. Zip files act as a wrapper to protect the file in transit.

You will need the following items to download, burn and use the files:

  1. Unzip program. There are several free ones available. Maybe included in your PC software but we use WinRar available from HERE
  2. CD/DVD burning program. You may have on on your pc such as Nero. Again free ones are available, we use ImgBurn available here HERE
  3. Blank writeable DVD (not CD)

First go to THIS PAGE and select either “Bogart SE Systemsoftware” for System Software or “Bogart SE Zusatzsoftware” for the Add On Software. The first item in Systemsoftware is normally the most recent version (normally about 1Gb). The first item in Zusatzsoftware is the “New” software disc image (normally about 200Mb) containing anything very new and the second item is the main software file (normally about 2GB) which contains everything else. Choose Download 1 to download the Zip file to a location where you can find it.

This file is around 2gb so will take a while to download (maybe 30 mins at average speed).

Once downloaded, double clicking the Zip file should open your unzip program. Select Extract and choose where you would like the file to be stored.

Now open your DVD burning program and select “Write image file to disc”

Click “Please Select File” locate the file and insert a blank DVD (not CD).

Click “Write”