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Prestige Front Sockets Prestige Hard Drive

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Casablanca Prestige Discontinued

Prestige plus

Front Sockets

Removable Hard Drive

Hardware features:

Casablanca Prestige plus features two DV or i-Link in- / out ports. This allows you to directly record and output data from and to a digital camcorder or digital VCR. Without further conversion all data is recorded to the internal hard-drive - this means excellent picture quality. In addition, you can of course use analogue material in your projects. Record your finished project to either analogue recorders or directly onto digital tape using the DV ports.

Create your own DVD’s using the integrated DVD writer and thanks to DVD DICON, video data can be converted to the DVD’s video format in real time. Hardware supported MPEG-2 compression makes this possible, resulting in a conversion time that is up to 20 times faster than on PCs. The DVD’s can be used on virtually any available DVD player.

Front and rear inputs add to the convenience of capturing from the camera to Casablanca Prestige plus. The removable hard-drive allows for limitless expandable capacity and the possibility of saving the work of more than one user.


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