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Bogart for Windows

HD-Collection 1

HD Collection 1 for Casablanca-3

Now available for Casablanca series 3 machines (Karat / S4100 / S2000 etc) a series of moving and still graphics  in Full HD resolution.

These also include button graphics which, as well as the other images, can be used via the Bogart ImagePool in all program areas (eg Titler, PiP-Studio 3, etc.).

The price for the HD Collection 1 is £49 and the 1Gb file can be downloaded here;

| Size: 1 GB Casablanca-3: NewsDVD 2019-10-07 (HD-Collection-1)

To use this package you’ll need to update your version of Bogart to the latest available for the system that you own e.g;

V11 will need to be v11.3, v10 updated to 10.6, v9 to 9.12, v8 to 8.17, v7 to 7.20, v6 to 6.22 and v5 will become 5.26.

If you are not on Arabesk v6 or 7 then the update will not have any benefit to your machine.

You can download the update (link below) and write it as an .ISO file or we can supply it for £3 inc p&p.

It is recommended that you keep your machines updated as these upgrades contain various bug fixes too both for Bogart and the Arabesk software.

| Size: 2 GB Casablanca-3 PAL: Bogart 11.3/ 10.6/ 9.12/ 8.17/ 7.20/ 6.22/ 5.26 (inkl. Arabesk 6+7)

And, especially for Arabesk, 20 new menu templates are included which can be used in the assistant or manually adapted to the disk project.

The collection contains 50x HD animations, 10x HD graphics, 20 button graphics and 20x Arabesk menu templates for BogartSE