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Gymnos (Greek word for "naked") or simply "Gym" as we’d like to call it is not a replacement for any of the currently available Casablanca models; instead it is positioned in the mid-segment of the Casablanca range.
Like the Casablanca Renommee, the Gymnos is keeping the tried & trusted Prestige case design (it is deeper though), including the removable hard-drive sled. Of course, Gymnos is also shipped with the latest Pioneer DVD burner too.

It features the same mainboard as the Renommee (not Renommee PLUS) Intel Pentium 4 processor at 3,0 GHz and with 512 MB DDR-RAM memory and hard-drive capacity of 250 GB. However, Gymnos is deliberately shipped without any special video hardware, namely any analogue video in/out or front inputs, Firewire only. To connect a monitor, the VGA port is used.

On the software side, Gymnos is shipped with SMART EDIT without Pro Pack functionality, and is therefore comparable with the software specs of a Claro or Avio DVD.
Pro Pack is an optional software upgrade and will allow users to upgrade their Gymnos on a par with Renommee.

Gymnos is the perfect system for any user who likes to edit DV footage in a fast and efficient way.


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