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Bogart for Windows


Editing with Casablanca was easier and often better then the competition, but it came at a price. The system, developed and produced completely in Germany, has been somewhat more expensive than many competing PC products.

The brand new CLARO model puts an end to this. The price has been reduced to £799  ­ which includes a DV port and DVD writer! Despite this, CLARO is clearly a German manufactured Casablanca system. SMART EDIT 6 runs flawlessly fast, all options are available *) and even the demo mode (for unlicensed software options) works just like on the `bigger´ Casablancas.  CLARO even incorporates an integrated card reader which supports all popular storage cards used by digital photo cameras.

With CLARO it is possible to edit completely on a VGA monitor. To date, using a high-resolution, flicker-free monitor was only possible in combination with a TV monitor. CLARO supports either TV or VGA. (which can be a flatscreen LCD monitor.)

CLARO is a true digital editor designed for use with  Firewire (MiniDV) which is now the standard today. CLARO has no connections for analogue video sources. ­

CLARO is shipped with a 120 GB hard-drive and 256 MB RAM.

* Due to technical variations between Casablanca systems, some software packages may partially be subject  to differing functionality.

Extend the capabilities of Claro even further with the addition  of

Pro software


Specification subject to change

• Fast processor
• Firewire Digital
• 120gb Hard Drive
• Built-in Pioneer 110 Dual Layer DVD burner
• Built-in Multi format digital card reader
• Whisper quiet operation

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