simplifying video editing

Casablanca SL-1000

An introduction to the world of Casablanca video editing. Designed to work with the latest technology camcorders using memory cards or hard disk drive storage.

Download your footage and edit using the simple storyboard method. Split, trim, add transitions and titles and additional music and sound tracks if desired.

The finished product can be played via HDMI to a TV or output to a USB storage device. It is also possible to make a DVD with the addition of a plug in external DVD writer.

SL-1000 has 10 separate projects and a 500gb hard drive installed to give many hours of film footage.


Pro Edition Silver upgrade - £149

Increases project to 30 and enables analogue and DV (Firewire) connections.

Pro Edition Gold upgrade from Silver - £249

Pro Edition Gold from basic -  £349

External USB DVD writer

External USB Blu-ray writer

External USB hard drive

Pro Edition Silver and Gold functions  HERE

SL-1000 - £1299

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SL1000 Option Guide

SL 1000  with Pro Pack Silver & **DVD


SL 1000 with Pro Pack Silver & **Blu-ray


** Approximate prices for external USB drives

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