simplifying video editing

Quick Photo also comes with the long-term effect "Quick Photo Pan", rendering either a slight zoom into the digital photo (or any other scene) or a combined zoom with pan in four selectable directions.

Quick Photo is compatible with all Casablanca-3 (Bogart) and Casablanca-4 (Bogart for Windows) systems (both from Bogart v5.9 or newer).

Please ensure that the newest version of Bogart software is installed for compatibility.


Quick Photo is a new add-on program and, as the name suggests, provides quick processing of digital photos and the quick and simple creation of slide shows.

Quick Photo benefits from the newly introduced technology within Bogart 7, storing the photo in its original high resolution. The quality is far superior to the resolution found in video images which means there is no loss of quality when using  the zoom or pan function. With Quick-photo you can import a large number of photos in a very short time, edit, apply effects and then export as a photo slideshow to the storyboard. The slide show can still be used like normal movie clips, you can edit, annotate, add music and titles before outputting as DVD, Blu-ray or file.

Quick photo can be also used as a demo version. You can get an overview of the features of Quick-Photo but no slideshow will be produced. The quality of the effect rendering however, can be tested by inserting photo scenes in the storyboard, adding the 'Quick-Photo Pan' long-term effect in the storyboard and then inserting transitional effects. The rendering is then performed with a demo overlay text.

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