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Continues until until end of November

Meteor and Meteor pro

Our Black Friday offer features the excellent Casablanca Meteor and stunning Meteor PRO units with an exclusive software bundle for each.

The Meteor is a good solid machine with 4Gb Ram, 1 Tb hard drive and BluRay burner with twin Firewire sockets at £2199.

The Meteor PRO has 16Gb Ram a 3 Tb hard drive (plus 120Gb SSD drive) and BluRay burner with twin Firewire at £2699.

Both machines have the latest versions of Bogart 4 Windows v9 and Arabesk v7 but as part of the offer the Meteor now has GOLD (Pro Pack) instead of SILVER installed, as is standard with the Meteor pro.

In addition the Black Friday deal also provides both machines with the new WinPRO acceleration pack and HD Sentry  (the back-up solution that also allows data transfer between B4W and normal Bogart machines and provides fast backing up too). Total value app £200

But that's not all! Buy Meteor PRO and you can also choose ANY additional two pieces of software that you would like absolutely free!

More information on the Meteor machines can be found HERE