simplifying video editing

 Future orientated video hardware incl. DVI/HDMI output (HDMI via Adapter) and the highly integrated NEXPERIA Multimedia-Chip

•  Edits analogue, DV, HDV and AVCHD* video footage

•  Direct display of HD footage during editing (cutting, trimming, playback …)

•  Simultaneous video loading via multiple DV inputs*

•  Archiving and backup* functionality

•  Chooses between single-monitor use (TV or VGA) or dual-monitor display (TV and VGA) – connect TV screen either via the DVI/HDMI Port or using the SCART connector

•  Trackball control (keyboard optional) – keypad on front

•  Display showing operation status

•  Headphone jack

•  Front connections (DV, S-Video, FBAS/CVBS, Stereo Audio, USB

•  Connections on the back (DVI, Scart, DV, S-Video, FBAS/CVBS, Stereo Audio, Microphone, VGA,  Network, USB – connections partially available multiple times or separately for in/out)

•  Partially passive, whisper-like cooling system using “Whisper-Edit 2” concept

•  Compact case measurements thanks to optimised device design (111 x 433 x 368 mm HWD)

•  High quality manufacturing “Made in Germany

•  Software included: Bogart SE, DVD-Arabesk 4



S4000 Blu-Ray           

S4000 Pro                   

S4000 Pro Blu-Ray   


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