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Casablanca S-3000

Overview of the of the Casablanca S-3000:

• High processing speed for all video formats

• 30 Projects

• 6 Sound Tracks

• Editing of many formats – from analogue and DV footage to HDV and AVCHD footage

• Direct display of HD footage while editing (cutting, trimming, playing...)

• Flexible exporting of finished videos in selectable SD and HD standards and the most different resolutions

• Standard DVD burner, available with optional Blu-ray burner

• TV connection via HDMI

• Front connectors DV (in/out) and 3 x USB

• Connections at the back HDMI (monitor), DV (in/out), S-Video (in), CVBS (in), stereo-audio (in), digital optical audio (out), Ethernet, 6 x USB, eSATA)

• Compact case dimensions thanks to optimised device design

• Included software: Bogart SE 4 system software with Media Manager, DVD-Arabesk 5, Pro Pack Silver Edition. (Pro Pack Gold Edition optional).  

2012 model now includes Pro Pack Silver Edition.
30 projects instead of 3
6 Sound tracks instead of 3 and many additional Pro features.

Pro Pack Gold Edition which is provided with the S-6000 is optional.

Technical data

Casablanca S-3000

Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6300, 2 x 2,8 GHz


Hard-drive: 1TB (1000 GB)

Optical drive: DVD burner, option: Blu-ray burner

Graphics: TV connection via HDMI

Network: Ethernet,

Video and Audio

Supported video formats:

Analogue (VHS, S-VHS), SD (D8, DV), HDV (MPEG-2), AVCHD (MPEG-4), XDCAM (MPEG-2)

Video modes: 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p

Audio: 6 stereo tracks, 48 kHz


Front: DV, 3 x USB

Back: HDMI (monitor), DVI/VGA, S-Video (in), CVBS (in), stereo-audio (in), Mic, phones, digital optical audio output, Ethernet, 6 x USB, eSATA)

Software: Bogart SE Version 4, DVD-Arabesk 4/5. (Pro pack optional)

Measurements W x H x D: 433 x 111 x 365 mm

Weight Approx. 10 kg

Specification subject to change


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