simplifying video editing

Complete 3 camera video production and editing suite

Offers around £2200
for the whole package.
May consider splitting

Mobile - 07858 971676

Email -

Casablanca S4000 with £3000 value additional software, Render Booster, Shuttle Pro V2

2 x Sony HDR-FX1e HD Video Cameras with cases  (originally 3, 1 sold)

Panasonic video mixing deck

32” Sony HD Television  SOLD

Panasonic NV-DC2000 Mini DV recorder

Two Sennheiser Microphones & receivers

Video animation

A brand new VHS video recorder

Batteries, Tripods, LED Lights, Sony Wide Angle Lens, Sony tripod which incorporates camera remote control in the handle

NOTE: S4000 can be purchased separately for £1000 - includes Render Booster, Shuttle and software listed below !!

3D Shapes

Arabesk 6

Blue Box World

Bogart 6

Bonus Effects

Deluxe Titler 3D

Disk Transfer

Effects Pack 1

Effects Pack 2

Effects Pack 3

Effects Pack 4

Effects Pack 5

Effects Pack 6

Effects Pack 6

Effects Pack 7

Effects Pack 8

Font Pack 1

Font Pack 2

Font Pack 3

Font Pack 4

Font Pack Cyrillic

Gold Edition

HD-Backup Bogart

Motion 3D XL Pack 1

Motion 3D XL Pack 2

Photo-Studio 3

PIP Studio 2

Pro-Club Edition 2009

Pro-Club Edition 2010

Quad cam

Render Booster

Shuttle TT


Split X Wedding Images

Title Effect Pack 1

Title Effect Pack 2

Title Effect Pack 3