simplifying video editing

1. Real time audio

2. Effect rendering accelerated

3. The effect stack now shows an icon that show up like the other FX so that it can be re-used

4. Multiple scene rows now also in the 1280x720 and 1280x1024 screen resolutions

5. Audio editing completely reworked. Many new features. Audio envelope directly available in the audio timeline, just click and change. See illustration below.

6. Audio samples can now be moved between the audio tracks

7. Over modulation, in the audio edit menu, can now be detected (new button) in one pass

8. A project can now be copied, with all scenes, effects and audio samples, into another (empty) project

9. The clip board can now be evoked with one click (new button) from the edit window

10. New play mode shows the current scene name and icon while playing

11. Reworked, cleaner "Settings" menu

12. HDBackup (optional) can now be started from the main menu - for SE machines with an internal back-up drive.


I’m sure many SmartEdit users were thinking that Macrosystem had forgotten about them. However, this is not the case. The boffins have been beavering away and produced a new operating system. The emphasis this time is in the audio section with many improvements. Below is a list of the main features.

Upgrade from SmartEdit 8  £149                 Upgrade from SmartEdit 2-7   £199

Illustration shown require VGA screen resolution 1024 x768 minimum