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Casablanca Liberty is Macrosystem’s first portable Casablanca system with built-in screen. Not simply an LCD screen, but a touch sensitive tablet allowing the user to operate the device by means of a pen. The built-in touch pad or a standard trackball can also be used.

The built-in Intel Core Duo Processor paves the way for extremely fast work on a par with current Casablanca Renommee and Solitaire systems. The built-in hard-drive has a capacity of 80GB and of course the Liberty comes with a fast Dual-Layer DVD burner. The Casablanca Liberty is built by Toshiba, which guarantees quality and reliability.

We must not forget that Liberty is also a fully functional Windows XP equipped laptop. The user chooses to start up in Windows or SmartEdit mode.

The Toshiba M400 convertible tablet notebook  Core Duo CPU, backed by 512MB of RAM. The other specifications include a hard disk capacity of 80GB, while the optical drive is a Matsushita model that will write to all formats of disc, including, usefully, DVD-RAM.  There's further removable storage next to the stylus in the shape of a memory card reader that handles SD, Memory Stick and xD formats.

As a laptop designed primarily for travelling the M400 has some fitting built-in components. Drop the notebook and the built-in 3D accelerometer will detect the sudden movement and park the hard disk heads, preventing them from crashing into the platters and giving more chance of your data remaining intact, even if the machine as a whole doesn't survive the fall. There's also a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip built in. The fingerprint reader adds a layer of user-friendly security.The screen is a relatively compact 12.1in display, but the resolution is high at 1,400 x 1,050.

Converting the M400 to tablet mode is uncomplicated - just swivel the screen around, change the orientation of the catch that holds it shut and clip it to the base. The tablet mode itself is easy to use. The stylus is held securely in a spring-loaded holder on the right-hand side of the machine

Dimensions: 293 x 249 x 41mm (WDH). Weight: 2.18kg

Model Range:

Liberty 1.6ghz, 512mb RAM 80gb hard drive     

Liberty 1.6ghz, 512mb RAM 120gb hard drive   

Liberty 2ghz, 1024mb RAM 120gb hard drive    

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