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In this 3-DVD set, Casablanca expert Chet Davis walks you through the entire Casablanca Operating System, pointing out not only the new features in Smart Edit 8/Bogart 2, but also tips for both the new user and veteran alike. View this DVD near your editor to maximize all the options in the new Operating System. Chet’s familiarity with the software coupled with his expert teaching style make this tutorial a valuable resource for the full time video professional and the video hobbyist alike.

You'll learn all about the new feature rich and potentially confusing menu in the Media Manager with the Casablanca Expert. Even long-time Casablanca users find this powerful new tool confusing as there are new menu structures and lots of options.

You have two options on the DVD: First, Chet walks you through the menus in a sequential fashion covering the options as they appear.

Secondly, Chet takes you through some specific operations to help you learn the process you need to know - when you need to know it.

The DVD menu allows you to access the content as you see fit.

What’s new in Bog 3/SE9 free bonus disc !

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Casablanca Foolproof Vol 5 Columbus 2/3

In this 2-1/2 hour tutorial video you will learn all the options and settings as you create simple and more sophisticated animated maps. You'll build a simple 2-position map, a 3 point route and an advanced multi-point map with changing head objects... you'll learn how to add and use your own maps and how to combine more than one animation route together.

While the bulk of the tutorial is produced using Columbus 2 (because Columbus 3 uses most of the same functions) there is a separate section presenting the new capabilities in Columbus 3 like the ability to add full motion video scenes to your map!

Disk 1


•Columbus - basic functions/Building a Simple  Animated Map

•Creating a Multi-point Animation

•Using your own Map

•Combining Multiple Map Animations

3 Disc set £39.00    £36.00

2 DVD set £33.00   £30.00

Disk 2

•Creating an Advanced Multi-point animated map

•Using the New Features in Columbus 3

•Columbus Add-on Products Explained: Flags, Objects of Interest, Travel & More (more Head & Key Objects); Xpress Maps, Columbus Maps, and Big Maps Volumes 1-4

2 DVD set £25.00   £23.00

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Join Casablanca Expert Chet as he teaches you to use the full creatively powerful options in DVD Arabesk 4. You'll learn how to create Chapter menus with motion stamps and interactive options, and Chet will teach you all about the additional options in the Main Menu as well as the additional settings in Arabesk 4.

£29.00   £27.00

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Casablanca Foolproof Vol 6 TitleStudio

In the new Casablanca Foolproof Volume 6: Title Studio Intensive, Chet Davis guides you through the capabilities of the Casablanca Title Studio software.

This new title engine provides a range of functions and features that Casablanca customers have been wanting in their title creation capabilities including the ability to customize your own fonts as well as character oriented titling (you can have separate font attributes for each and every letter). In Title Studio we also now have the ability to copy & paste text!

Chapter #1: Title Studio Introduction    

Chapter #2: Text Styles  -
Chapter #3: Text Edit (Font Customisation)  
Chapter #4: Title Effects Menu
Chapter #5: Box Options
Chapter #6: Page Option   
Chapter #7: Deconstructing Titles  

Chet Davis provides an intensive tutorial on the features of the Casablanca Photo Studio software

You'll learn all about the features of the Casablanca Photo Studio from the Casablanca Expert. From importing and sorting, cropping and retouching to creating collages and animating your JPEG photos - you'll learn to create your own beautiful photo-video projects. Includes both tutorial on DVD and JPEG photos on CD (so you can follow along as you learn with the Casablanca Expert.

2 Disc set £25.00   £23.00

PayPal: Add Chet Davis FP4 Prem to cart

£24.00   £22.00

PayPal: Add Chet Davis FP6  Prem to cart

If you are already familiar with the Casablanca Bogart OS environment and are wanting to make sure you are making full use of the time-saving and production expanding new benefits in the Bogart V4 OS,this volume may be more appropriate for your requirements.

2 DVD set £33.00    £30.00

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Chet Davis Tutorial DVDs for Club members

Casablanca Foolproof Vol 8 Bogart 4

This tutorial DVD set is ideal for those who are new to the Casablanca video editor, or wished to delve even deeper into its inner workings. Chet guides you through each menu screen, showing you how to take full advantage of the different options available to you.

And for those colleagues who have been editing on a Casablanca Smart Edit unit for years... you may be very surprised at the many helpful, time-saving features and functions there are in the Bogart V4

environment.  The definitive tutorial, 6 disks, 10 hours

6 DVD set £69.00    £63.00

Casablanca Foolproof Vol 1: Smart Edit 8/Bogart 2
Casablanca Foolproof: Vol 2 DVD Arabesk 4 Intensive
Casablanca Foolproof Vol 3  Understanding Media Manager
Casablanca Foolproof Vol 4 PhotoStudio
Casablanca Foolproof Vol 7 - Candy Factory
Casablanca Foolproof Vol 9 - What’s New in Bogart 4
Casablanca Foolproof Vol 10 - Eye Candy

Casablanca Expert Chet Davis has unleased a collection of short video tutorials to help you create some really cool looking video effects.  In this set called Casablanca Eye Candy Volume 1, Chet provides clear and detailed instruction on 17 different effects you can create in your Casablanca. And the set includes a DVD with the same scenes Chet uses (as AVI files you load into your Casablanca using the Disk Transfer software). This enables you to follow along and master successful Eye Candy yourself!

    Together with Chet you'll create some cool title menus, DVD menus, effects combinations, etc.  The firs two DVDs with the lessons are set-up with Chapter Menus that enable you to easily access the effect you'd like to learn next.

    All effects demonstrated on this Eye Candy tutorial are compatible with both Smart Edit OS and Bogart OS Casablanca video editors.

Disk One: Effects 1-9

1 Split Screen Fun (7:56)

2 Video 'Wallpaper' (10:54)

3 Cool Candy Factory Title (7:31)

4 Split Personality - 2 in 1 (8:39)

5 Dual PIP w/Title (9:46)

6 Aspect Ratio Adjustment (7:02)

7 NTT = Nearly Transparent Title (8:09)

8 Keyhole Titles (6:30)

9 DVD Menu - Opaque Mask (10:51)

Disk Two: : Effects 10-17

10 DVD Menu - Dual Scenes (11:40)

11 Magic Extractor (Adobe PS Elements) (12:25)

12 Photo Zoom Effect (8:34)

13 Full Motion Video Cube (15:35)

14 Lower 3rd Border Mask (11:53)

15 PIP Wall (11:07)

16 Title Into PIP Wall (3:57)

17 Eye Candy Title (5:00)

*Disk Three (FREE): DVD with AVI Files

Practice footage - load into your Scene Bin to follow along with Chet

*Compatible with Bogart machines only

Join Casablanca Expert Chet Davis for a collection of creative applications of Casablanca software called 'Eye Candy' (compatible with both Smart Edit & Bogart OS)

PayPal: Add Chet Davis FP10- Prem to cart

2 + *1 Disc set  £29.00  £27.00

In this brand new tutorial DVD package, Casablanca

Expert Chet Davis walks you through the many

settings in the powerful Casablanca Candy Factory

   If you have wanted to unleash the creative

capabilities in the Casblanca Candy Factory software but felt a little daunted by all the options and settings, Chet Davis' latest tutorial DVD is just what you need. With 2-hours & 10 minutes of quality instruction you will be learning all the capabilities and features of Candy Factory software (compatible with both Smart Edit & Bogart OS Casablanca editors).

    Nestled within this tutorial are 6 'Quick Tips' where you learn specific effects without having to learn each of the menu settings. *Also included is a separate disk with 20 scenes & masks to follow along & learn, and then practice on your own.

*Free sample disc Bogart compatible only

2 + *1 Disc set  £29.00   £27.00

PayPal: Add Chet Davis FP7  Prem to cart

Alternatively Call 0845 456 0734 and we will take your order and credit/debit card details over the phone.

Pay by credit/debit card or with your Paypal account through Paypal. There are no charges for this service.

Enjoy the Casablanca Expert’s great tutorial DVDs at discount prices for club members.

Casablanca Foolproof Volume 12: Success with Bogart V5 is a 2-DVD containing 15 different sections with some 3 hours of instruction. This learning resource is ideally suited for those who have or will soon upgrade to the Bogart V5 Operating System.

In addition to guidance on the Bogart V5 OS new features & functions you will learn about the new add-on Render Booster, how it can help you with HD productions, and how to use it. 12 “mini” video tutorials covering functions released in Bogart V2, V3, and V4 are included as a reminder.

Casablanca Foolproof Vol 12 - Success with Bogart 5

2 Disc set  £29.00  £27.00

PayPal: Add Chet Davis FP10- Success with Bogart 5_Prem to cart