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Bogart for Windows

Bogart 10

The changes in Bogart 10 Gold Windows as an upgrade from version 9:


   The automatic playback repeat is switched on envelope (in trimming / splitting, etc.) can now be disabled. (Editions silver and gold)

   If no manual window resolution was not set, it is now 'up' under the resolution instead used 'medium'.


   Progressive projects are now "standard" and are now available in the Bronze Edition too.

   In the project settings directly can now format a video clip on the disk are queried to match an empty Bogart project it. (Gold Edition)


   The arrangement of the controls in the Import menu is better structured .

   When importing, you can assign directly a group name for all imported scenes. (Gold Edition)

   When importing may be directly awarded a name for the imported scenes to which are then appropriately named and numbered (eg hotel = Hotel.1, Hotel.2, etc.). (Gold Edition)

   The import of 50 / 60p material into a 50 / 60i project now produces flowing movements.

   When importing interlaced material into progressive project without active expert menu the Deinterlacer is now always enabled.

   to import into an empty project any material that does not fit into the current settings, project format and file format will now be shown for your information.


   The additional "storyboard PLUS" view combines the easy-to-use Storyboard mode with the clarity of a timeline-based effect display.

   In Storyboard "Plus" presentation, the effect tracks with the colored symbols on / above can be switched off individually.

   By clicking on any effect in the storyboard "plus" track can be changed directly to the effect time or the effect settings.

    Position Marker in the Edit menu (with Storyboard Plus display) for playback of any Storyboard position.

   (With Storyboard Plus display) you can now also in the Edit menu Play "window" .

   The play marker in the Storyboard Plus display can be shifted frame accuracy by pressing Alt and +/-.

    The Effect menu button on the navigation bar now have a colored marker to match the storyboard "Plus" display.

   It can now track effects are also placed on long-term effects, and these are used as simultaneously in a scene.

   Dividing menu also provides an "Advanced" view , which makes cutting long scenes much easier, clearer and more comfortable.

   Inserts in the storyboard are now displayed with background and insert scene pictures. An additional frame around the insert little picture and a symbol on the scene provide good visibility.

   The trimming the Edit menu preview window can now also be done with audio. (Gold Edition)

   The project can be changed directly from the Edit menu now by clicking on the project name right above the preview image.

    In the full-screen playback can now be hiding the playback menu will by clicking the video and displayed again.

   The 4-image display in trimming menu now uses the space better and offers correspondingly larger images. (Editions silver and gold)

   For playback, the Edit menu is now a 'flow' through "opt" are set so hard connection sections can be controlled quickly.

   In the Edit menu there is now for the scene bin a "Search" button, which is selected in the drop scene in the storyboard.

   From the Edit menu, multiple scenes can now be selected and renamed at a time.

   In trimming menu may duration of the "Play In point + out point" of 1-10 seconds can be set.


   In the Effect menu, there is now a "gear" switch, which calculates all effects in the currently visible range. (Editions silver and gold)

   The length of effects can now directly by clicking on the corresponding icon effect in the storyboard to change.

   Period / 'whole scene' in the image processing / titling no longer omits any existing transition effects.

   If the endless preview is turned off, you can see the position of the preview still image freely set by slider. (Gold Edition)

After Recording:

   The dubbing is now offering a storyboard "PLUS" mode , which combines the advantages of storyboard overview of the advantages of a zoomable timeline.

   In dubbing the position of the playback marker to "Manual" can now be connected (small needle bottom left). So that they no longer automatically jumps changes to audio clips.

   The volume correction for audio clips can be done either via the tab 'Mixer' (now soundtrack active = Mixer for entire soundtrack piece of music active = correction for other tracks ).

   The overload test in the dubbing can now be applied to the visible region or the entire Storyboard. (Editions silver and gold)

   In dubbing the piece of music are mixer settings for the track corrections 1-9 with "copy" (MS) and "Paste" (MR) transferable to other pieces of music. (Also with PowerKey)


   Under Settings / Control can now System Information for Support query which are then stored on the desktop.