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Bogart for Windows

The innovations in Bogart 9 for Casablanca-3 / DVC as update from version 8:

Bogart 9

Video editing



Audio (only from screen resolution "1280x720"!)

            audio dubbing (after copying the O-tone to another track)


            Gold Edition)

            example trimming of pieces directly in the soundtrack)

Export / Miscellaneous

Important note for users with multiple systems Bogart: Projects which have been processed with Bogart 9, can not be opened from the Bogart 8.4 / 7.7 / 6.7 (or older) versions! Users who are editing projects on multiple devices with a disk juggler must install the latest software everywhere! A Bogart 9 connection is not required on all devices (but of course useful).

NOTE: 2 GB of memory are required for the operation of Bogart version 8 and Arabesk from version 6 As shown in Fig. Current Bogart versions are not compatible with Arabesk 4 + 5 and require an Arabesk upgrade As shown in Fig. Errors and technical modifications are reserved.