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Bogart for Windows

Bogart 8

The Bogart SE Version 8 enhances the Casablanca-3 systems as of 2008 (S 2000 to S 6000, carat / Topaz, SL-1000, Solitaire / reputation Ultra and optional DVC / Stream corder) to include new functions. According to the wishes of the faithful Bogart users many improvements to the workflow and ease of use could be integrated into the new version.

If you do not know Bogart SE editing software, we recommend to start the basic philosophy, which since 1996 repeatedly advanced video editing software.

Bogart 8 includes many new features compared to the v7 that simplify video editing and improve the creative workflow:


The Media Pool is an archive, in the video scenes and audio tracks can be stored and archived. The main features include:

    switchable in video and audio editing

   Access out of all projects

   Remain stored content ausschaltfest

   replaces and extends the clipboard (temporary storage)

   Scenes stores in different formats (including several parallel)

   Automatic conversion at non-matching formats

   easy operation by click or drag & drop

   supports folders for better organisation

   Undo Recovers deleted scenes or entire folders back

   separate backup through Sentry

   available only with active Silver or Gold Edition and multiline scene bin (depending on resolution)


In operation, the user can with Bogart 8 decide much more freely about screen settings, sizes of icons, thumbnails, fonts, and the mouse pointer, depending on its hardware requirements and desires.

   The size of the control elements can be switched (font, mouse, little pictures, ...).

   The size of the mouse adapts to the font size and can additionally also zoom in or out.

   Many areas have been better suited to high-resolution displays and expanded. Some of the new displays are not available at lower resolutions.

   Advanced options in the choice of color of the user interface (min Silver Edition.):

    improved operation, the brightness is changed, Arbitrary structures for the background and the colour of the mouse pointer can be changed

   The change between the menus is simplified through a unified navigation bar.

   When editing, you can now trim scenes directly in the small preview.

   The help for switches without text now shows (if any) the PowerKey-assignment (can be disabled).

   Project number and resolution are now displayed in the edit screen on the project name.

   The current scene in the storyboard can be moved by dragging and dropping within the Storyboard or copied into the scene bin (min. Silver Edition).

   The shuttle TT control is indicated by a small picture held by a Stern.

   You can change settings directly via a new switch in some screens now.

   For most lists are now also switch to jump to the beginning and the end.

   You can now also buy several pieces of music at the same time select (Gold Edition).


The effect menus have been redesigned and now offer a variety of new possibilities.

   separate selection lists for Favourites (Gold Edition) or frequently used effects (min. Silver Edition, depending on resolution).

   Insertion / removal in the lists also drag and drop (min. Silver Edition).

   permanently visible frame or animated loop preview (Gold Edition).

   Archive for individual effect settings (min. Silver Edition).

   Switch to reset the settings to defaults in many additional programs.

Audio dubbing

The menu for audio dubbing has been reworked, which affects especially at higher resolutions:

   restructured and unified interface for Storyboard and Timeline display

   Audio level meter even when the Storyboard views

   improved and extended zoom capabilities in the timeline representation (Gold Edition).

   More Storyboard presentation with scenes preview, track and piece of music info

   Switch to direct mute individual tracks

   improved navigation (new switch, keyboard controller)

   Switch "storyboard calculate"

Miscellaneous / Play back / Export

   The Image Pool has been improved (enhanced preview, Import grayscale images (Gold Edition), ...).

   When playing in the Export menu, you can now turn off the playback display, or endless play, and an automatic playback after the start (min. Silver Edition).