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New Product Release - Arabesk 6

Arabesk DVD authoring software has been around for many years and although it has benefited from many updates it is basically the same program. Arabesk 6 is entirely new and is designed to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Linux operating system used by the S range of machines. Developers have incorporated several long asked for features such as being able to have several projects available to produce discs from instead of having to delete each time. With Arabesk 6 you can store a mixture of 10 HD and SD. It is also possible now to add an additional USB burner to any S machine. Early testing would also suggest that rendering is significantly faster. Below are the main features;

1 This feature requires Bogart 5.5 or higher.

Several of the above listed features are only available for Silver or Gold Edition users. 2 Gigabytes of RAM is recommended for Arabesk 6.

Arabesk 6 upgrade from 5 - £99 Upgrade from 4 or earlier - £149